• [Organic Wine

    • Today's recommended organic wine

      Glass 700 yen -

      Organic wine feel free to by the glass.Since the type is the daily, please ask for more information to staff.

    • <Red and white wine> house wine

      Glass each 480 yen

      Carafe (450ml) 1,500 yen.Feel free to enjoy offer a taste of the classic.

    • <Red and white wine> Kasshero del Diablo

      Bottle each 2750 yen

      Masterpiece proud Concha Lee Torosha of Chile No.1 winery!

    • <Sparkling wine> Cava Vuryutto

      Bottle 3,500 yen

      [Spain] good fruit-balanced fruity.Easy to drink, it is a dry sparkling wine to suit to Chinese cuisine.

    • <Red wine> Karuberune Sauvignon

      Bottle 4,000 yen

      [France] a condensed sense, stout taste fruit.Aftertaste feel the astringency of tannin in a red wine with a drinking Gotae.

    • <Red wine> pinup

      Bottle 3,300 yen

      [France] light in fresh.Fruit reminiscent of juicy strawberries spread, easy to drink red wine.

    • <White wine> Miriado Blanc

      Bottle 3,300 yen

      [France] rich to the rich fruit of citrus also be felt, it is a rich white wine flavor.

    • <White wine> Sauvignon

      Bottle 3,500 yen

      [France] is a white wine with a fresh and juicy fruit.

  • 【beer】

    • Squeeze the most giraffe (raw)

      500 yen
    • Squeeze the most giraffe (medium bottle)

      520 yen
    • Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer (medium bottle)

      480 yen
    • <Non-alcoholic beer taste beverage> giraffe free

      380 yen
  • 【Highball】

    • Highball

      400 yen

      Barrels Mature incense and, pure and deep flavor that spread to rich.

    • Ginger Highball / lemon highball / citron highball / plum highball

      Each 420 yen
  • [Fruit wine] lock whiskey and water, please choose from soda split

    • Unload liquor (Shinruchuu)

      420 yen

      Apricot liquor.

    • Ran'ichigoshu (Ranmeichuu)

      420 yen

      Blueberry liquor.

    • Litchi liquor (lychee Chu)

      420 yen

      Sake of lychee.

    • Keika Chinsake (Keikachinshu)

      420 yen

      Osmanthus flower drink.

    • Cider (Rinchinchuu)

      420 yen

      Sake of the apple.

    • Okinawa mango wine

      420 yen

      Mango drink.

  • [Shochu] lock whiskey and water, please choose from the hot water split

    • <Wheat> Ichiko

      450 yen

      Long-term harmony ripening wheat shochu 25 degrees

    • <Wheat> Nikaido

      480 yen

      25 degrees (Kagoshima Prefecture)

    • <Potato> black Kirishima

      450 yen

      25 degrees (Okinawa)

  • [Plum] Please choose from the lock-whiskey and water, hot water split-soda split

    • plum wine

      490 yen
  • 【Sake】

    • On the valley 乃越 Sen

      480 yen

      One Go (Kanzake-cold sake)

  • [Cocktail & sour]

    • Cocktails

      Each 420 yen

      Mojito / China Blue / gin and tonic / Jinbakku / cassis soda / cassis orange / Cassis grapefruit / Peach soda / Peach Orange / Peach Oolong

    • Wine cocktails

      Each 420 yen

      Sangria lock / sangria sparkling / orange sangria / citron sangria (※ sangria lock is selected from red and white wine, orange sangria is red wine, citron sangria is a white wine)

    • Suntory "tipsy" various

      Each 400 yen

      White Sour / ice tea sour

    • Sour various

      Each 400 yen

      Lemon sour / grapefruit sour / yuzu sour / plum sour / Kurokarasuryu High / Jasmine High

  • [Shaoxing rice wine]

    • Topai Chen three years

      Glass 350 yen

      Bottle (600ml) 1,280 yen alcohol content 17 degrees.

    • 8 years Chen year Shaoxing rice wine

      Glass 680 yen

      Bottle (600ml) 3,000 yen alcohol content 17 degrees.

  • [Non-alcoholic drinks]

    • <Non-alcoholic plum wine taste beverage> like plum wine of non-alcoholic

      380 yen

      Also surprised plum wine seems to taste plum wine.

    • Asahi "double zero cocktail" various

      Each 380 yen

      Gin and tonic taste / cassis orange taste

  • [Chinese tea]

    • Blue tea

      450 yen

      Luxury leaves tightened spherical Features oolong tea, mellow flavor and sweet finish

    • Oriental Beauty

      450 yen

      Imported from ancient times and the Oriental beauty in Western Taiwanese tea

    • Jasmine tea

      450 yen

      White downy hair of flies was a sprout, the tea leaves to a round shape and massage hand Features

    • Lychee tea

      450 yen

      Chinese tea wearing the scent of lychee

    • White Peony (Hakubotan)

      450 yen

      Tea blended with buds and leaves with a white downy hair on the base

  • 【Soft drink】

    • Black oolong tea

      330 yen
    • Oolong tea / jasmine tea

      Each 300 yen
    • Cola / Ginger Ale / orange juice / grapefruit juice / citron juice

      Each 300 yen